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Our school estate

The school estate is located in the north part of Maribor, next to the sunny slopes of the hillside Kalvarija (Calvary Hill).

It comprises approx. 7 hectares of vineyards and 5 hectares of orchards. The orchards include apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees and quince trees.

There are two greenhouses next to the Secondary School. The larger, more than 400 m², and the smaller one about 100 m². Plants and flowers are planted there, the most common are perennials, followed by annuals and biennials.

Various tree species grow on school estate like birch, spruce, pine, beech, yew, Lawson’s cypress etc.Students gain their knowledge also on the school estate, where several other buildings are: a drying house for fruit, where they also produce brandy and where archival wines are stored in the cellar. A vinegar factory is another building, not far away from fruit storehouse, wine press, wine cellar, shop, mansion Račji dvor and beehouse.